Educate Yourself: Limousine Etiquette


Riding a limousine is the perfect way to combine style, luxury and comfort while traveling. With so many limo services in Atlanta it is pretty simple to hire and ride a limo in Atlanta. With so many people now opting to travel through limousines, there is one thing which has been observed in most of them – how people lack the proper etiquettes that are to be practiced in a limo.

Limo Etiquettes:

party in der strech limousine

You might be wondering where etiquettes come in while riding in a limo? Basically, no matter where you go and what you do, there are certain things that you must always be mindful of…even when you are inside a limo in Atlanta.

What to Tell the Driver?


The first thing  you must do when you get inside the car, is immediately brief the driver about the directions to the place you want to go to, and the stops that are to be made along the way. Additionally, you must also tell him about any specific seating arrangements that you want him to follow when seating other people (if there are going to be other people riding with you) in the limousine.

What do the Seats Mean?


You should know about what particular seats in the limo mean so that you can have the seating arrangements properly done. For example, no matter which limo in Atlanta you ride the seat at the back right is called “the power seat” which is to be reserved for the VIP. That could be you or if you are on your way to pick your boss, he is going to sit there, while you are going to sit on the seat that faces backwards. It is also referred to as the jump seat.


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