What Should You Get with a Party Bus Rental in Atlanta for Prom?

Limo Rental Atlanta

A lot of people don’t really know what a party bus is. If you’re looking into a party bus rental Atlanta for prom for your teenage son or daughter, you should have a pretty clear idea on what to expect before you make a reservation.

Why is this important?


A lot of people, when looking for a limo rental in Atlanta, don’t realize how important it is to be vigilant and diligent in their search. There are a lot of small, new companies out there that only have one or two vehicles in their fleet, and those vehicles are not considered new. They may not have a great deal of experience and their drivers might not have the best safety record behind them.

That’s just one simple reason why it’s so important

When you look for a limo service Atlanta, focus on experience. How long has the company been around? If a company has been around for two decades, wouldn’t it stand to reason they probably treat their clients well? Wouldn’t it stand to reason that they know exactly what they’re doing? Wouldn’t it stand to reason that they have a great safety record?

You also want a true party bus

When you’re looking for that party bus rental in Atlanta, keep in mind there are many of those smaller companies that simply don’t have the financing available behind them to purchase a true, late-model party bus. Those vehicles can be more than six figures in cost. It’s a lot of money and it’s a significant investment.


Instead, they might take an old school bus, convert it into what they call a party bus, and while it might be fun, it’s not a true party bus. A true party bus is like a rolling nightclub. It should have an incredible lighting, open seating, a flats screen TV and DVD player, and an incredible state-of-the-art sound system.

Yes, many highly advanced party buses will have a bar, but it will not be stocked. Legitimate companies will never stock their bars, but will allow their passengers (as long as they are all of legal age) to do so. On prom night, that bar will probably only have water in it, but only upon request.


At least, these are the things to look for in a party bus or limousine service. When you focus on experience, longevity, on-time service, and safety, don’t overlook the value of customer service. You may want to track your teenage son or daughter on prom night, and a company that doesn’t offer 24/7 service won’t be able to do that for you.


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