Themed party ideas

If regular parties aren’t your thing and you want to throw a themed party in, then you have made the right choice.  Nowadays the themed party scene evolved from just the princess and super hero type themes. There are different themes for different ages. One of the ways you can change the themed party scene is to have it in a bus. That’s right, the crazier the idea, the more fun it’s going to be. So if you’re in Atlanta thinking about what to then look no further than to hire a party bus rental or for a smaller group, a limo service.

 Here are some cool ideas:

Time travel


If you haven’t watched Marty Mcfly (played by Michael J Fox) cruise through time in his car and change the course of history when you were growing up then you better watch Back to the Future. What better way to have a time travel themed party in Atlanta in a limo service Atlanta or party bus?  You can ask your guests to dress up as people from different times and civilizations. It will be fun as your party bus or limo service drives through the roads and streets of Atlanta and picks up each guest from their home.

Fantasy books


Have a Rowling, Tolkien or Martin theme party where people can dress up as their favorite characters such as Harry Potter, Frodo or the Khaleesi all partying away in a party bus rental Atlanta.

Get nerdy


How about having a video game themed party where people can dress up as characters form Nintendo, Xbox or PlayStation games, sipping on cocktails in the limo service or party bus rental cruising the streets of Atlanta. You can be cute like Mario, kung fu type like Liu Kang from Mortal Combat, or Raiden from Metal gear. There are tons of possibilities.


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