How to live like a celebrity in Los Angeles


So you packed you live in Los Angeles where everyone comes to make it big in Hollywood. It takes months, years and even decades for someone to find their big break in Tinsel Town. You can get a limo service and go to restaurants and events in style. Here are some tips for you to live the life of glamour on a budget and still look like you’re some celebrity.

Always hire a limousine service Los Angeles when you go to important places


It’s not about being a phony but if its helps you get ahead of the line in a club or restaurant then it don’t hurt to use a limo service because it’s Los Angeles, everyone is using it! Whenlincoln-towncar you go to a club and get out of your classy ride driven by a chauffeur, people will automatically assume that you are someone and let you in even if your name is not on the list.

Throw cool parties and invite people with connections

You Are Invited Message

Los Angeles is full of people always throwing the most unique parties and so you should too. They don’t have to be expensive but they have to be done every now and then so that people remember you and you build connections. Who knows the next casting call for a big movie, one of these people recommends you. Everybody knows somebody in the city. You can hire party bus rental Los Angeles and have the best time of your life.

Always dress classy


Just see the pictures of all the celebrities in magazines and online, note their dressing sense and style. Always dress immaculately so that wherever you go people remember you for your keen sense of style.

The school trip the kids will never forget

School trips are an important part of learning. Many teachers make an effort to give the students a learning experience outside the classroom in order to expand their critical thinking skills.

If you are a teacher or a principal and you want to get the students to enjoy a field trip to somewhere fun but that is also educational then we discus some places that you can take them.   

kids_and_busBut first let’s not forget an important element to the trip: the ride.  A traditional school bus is OK for the roads but if you are planning a school trip outside the city or far from the school then its best to hire Cheap School Bus Rental. This is better because school bus rentals have a larger seating capacity and you can fit 2 classes together in it as opposed to having multiple school buses taking the kids.

Here are some places you can go:                                   



Kids love to explore historical artifacts and finds especially things related to dinosaurs and mummies. A trip to the museum will pique their interest like no other. You can get a school bus rental company to book you mini coach or bus rental and Best Limousine Service Atlanta for an entire day for your school kids.

Art galleries


Make your school kids explore different forms of art by taking them to a good art gallery in one of the bus rentals that you have hired.

Amusement park


They say all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So treat them for a change and take them to an amusement park or carnival.


Make them learn how to live in the outdoors for an adventurous and fun camping trip.



Make the most of it when attending a concert


So you and your friends have planned to go to a concert in Houston but you want to take things up a whole level and make it more fun. Well the best way to do that is to hire a limousine service Houston or if you want to crank it up, club style then hire a party bus rental. Here are some ways you can have a good time if you plan on going to a concert.

It’s safe


Going to concerts and music festivals usually end up with a lot of people who are not sober, and you don’t know whom you end up with. With having your very own limo rental in Houston, you can enjoy the concert without having to worry about your safety.

No designated driver


You don’t have to worry about getting a designated driver or being one if you hire a party bus rental or a limousine service. This is safe and you and your friends will be enjoying their way to the concert inside.

Have a pre-party or after party


What better way to make the most out of your concert night and see your favourite musician live than to have a pre or post-concert party? The limousine service or party bus rental Houston will arrive on time and you can also connect your iPod to the sound system inside and play the same songs while you sing to their tune. Then you can head to the concert in Houston and hear them sung or played live. How cool is that?

With a Limousine Service, Dallas Weddings Take on a New Light


Not everyone would agree, but in reality a limousine service Dallas can make a wedding even better than it already will be. That’s because when the bride and groom are feeling like a VIP they truly are, being whisked away in luxury, it’s going to add to the splendour of the afternoon or evening.

What to consider when booking a limousine service in Dallas?

la-limo-rentals (1)

When you’re considering booking a limousine service, Dallas has plenty of options available. There are small, new companies and those with a great deal of experience. Some people, when worried about their budget, try to avoid those larger companies because they assume it’s just too much money. However, a smaller company might not offer the kind of comfort and luxury the bride and groom deserve.

Also, sightseeing may be possible



Imagine booking a Best Limousine Service Atlanta for several of the guests at this wedding. It could be family members, friends, or everyone. A fleet of coach buses could take everyone on a sightseeing adventure throughout Dallas.

How much time is between the ceremony and reception?

If it’s a few hours, what is everyone going to be doing? It’s a great opportunity for the bride 0031and groom to spend quality time with their friends and family, maybe some whom they haven’t seen in many, many years.

You see, when you book a limousine service in Dallas for a wedding, a wedding can be even better than anyone thought possible.


How to throw a bachelor party

So your best friend is having his big day come up and you are the best man who has to bring everything together and the best time of your lives before your friend says goodbye to bachelor-partiesbeing single. What do you do? You want to make the most of it and don’t know where to start.  Whether you have a budget friendly or a fancy party, a limousine service Boston is essential for a bachelor party. But the catch is; the bride has forbidden strippers so you have to comply.

                     Here are some cool ways to have a stripper free bachelor party.

Get a party bus rental or a limousine service


The thing with a party bus or a limo rental is that it makes you arrive in style and party in luxury. You guys can out in these vehicles like sports stars or celebs as you head to the club or restaurant.

 Be the DJ


You can live your dream of DJ-ING for the party by bringing along your own music playlist by hooking it up with the sound system in the party bus Boston. You will save a lot on paying for a DJ as well.

Go to the beach

Apart from renting a limousine service in Boston you can also rent a beach house or just straight up dive into the waters at Constitution Beach.

Have a BBQ

la-limo-rentals (1)

Cooking steaks is what all guys love to do. It’s a primal thing from the caveman days where the hunter gatherer instinct evolved. So have a cook out with your buddies at the beach or in your own backyard and head to the club later in the limousine service Boston.


Themed party ideas

If regular parties aren’t your thing and you want to throw a themed party in, then you have made the right choice.  Nowadays the themed party scene evolved from just the princess and super hero type themes. There are different themes for different ages. One of the ways you can change the themed party scene is to have it in a bus. That’s right, the crazier the idea, the more fun it’s going to be. So if you’re in Atlanta thinking about what to then look no further than to hire a party bus rental or for a smaller group, a limo service.

 Here are some cool ideas:

Time travel


If you haven’t watched Marty Mcfly (played by Michael J Fox) cruise through time in his car and change the course of history when you were growing up then you better watch Back to the Future. What better way to have a time travel themed party in Atlanta in a limo service Atlanta or party bus?  You can ask your guests to dress up as people from different times and civilizations. It will be fun as your party bus or limo service drives through the roads and streets of Atlanta and picks up each guest from their home.

Fantasy books


Have a Rowling, Tolkien or Martin theme party where people can dress up as their favorite characters such as Harry Potter, Frodo or the Khaleesi all partying away in a party bus rental Atlanta.

Get nerdy


How about having a video game themed party where people can dress up as characters form Nintendo, Xbox or PlayStation games, sipping on cocktails in the limo service or party bus rental cruising the streets of Atlanta. You can be cute like Mario, kung fu type like Liu Kang from Mortal Combat, or Raiden from Metal gear. There are tons of possibilities.

Transportation for your wedding day

weddingThe wedding bells are about to ring for you soon but you have to take care of one really important thing: the transportation.  You know how busy it can get in Dallas if you drive on the roads during rush hour. You don’t want to go through that ordeal on your wedding day out of all days now do you? Well here are some tips for you to follow:

 Hire a limousine service

la-limo-rentals (1)

Your wedding is not complete if you don’t hire a limousine service Dallas. Arrive in class and style at your wedding reception and leave in the same way. It is easy, convenient and will always arrive on time. Just make sure to book your limousine service well in advance and be sure to double check that they have the date right.

Get a charter bus rental for others


If you have family and friends flying in from different parts of the country or globe then it’s always a good option to get them seated in a charter bus rental because they won’t know their way about in Dallas, they wouldn’t know how to get to the venue nor would they have their own cars.



Once you have got your limousine service booked and your Best Limousine Service Atlanta sorted for your big day. All you need to do is to get confirmation for both of these and just tell them the exact time and place where they need to come and pick you guys up. Make your wedding day in Dallas memorable and never have to worry about transportation if you have got these covered.