How to throw a bachelor party

So your best friend is having his big day come up and you are the best man who has to bring everything together and the best time of your lives before your friend says goodbye to bachelor-partiesbeing single. What do you do? You want to make the most of it and don’t know where to start.  Whether you have a budget friendly or a fancy party, a limousine service Boston is essential for a bachelor party. But the catch is; the bride has forbidden strippers so you have to comply.

                     Here are some cool ways to have a stripper free bachelor party.

Get a party bus rental or a limousine service


The thing with a party bus or a limo rental is that it makes you arrive in style and party in luxury. You guys can out in these vehicles like sports stars or celebs as you head to the club or restaurant.

 Be the DJ


You can live your dream of DJ-ING for the party by bringing along your own music playlist by hooking it up with the sound system in the party bus Boston. You will save a lot on paying for a DJ as well.

Go to the beach

Apart from renting a limousine service in Boston you can also rent a beach house or just straight up dive into the waters at Constitution Beach.

Have a BBQ

la-limo-rentals (1)

Cooking steaks is what all guys love to do. It’s a primal thing from the caveman days where the hunter gatherer instinct evolved. So have a cook out with your buddies at the beach or in your own backyard and head to the club later in the limousine service Boston.



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